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Slaying the Boredom Goliath

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“I’m bored!” It may be my least favorite child saying, and one I hear in my house at least once a week. And while it’s usually short-term boredom we’re talking about, the kind that can be quickly conquered, boredom has become a Goliath in our modern age. Jerram Barrs, resident scholar at Covenant Seminary’s Francis Schaeffer Institute, suggests some reasons why. Read More

Headmaster’s Inklings

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Oak Hill Classical School
Dear Oak Hill families,Welcome to August!

Normally, we’re talking intently about school starting at this point, but with our adjusted schedule, we’ve got a little while to go.

I wanted to give you a few updates and some important information, so please read the whole thing!

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Construction Update

You can see a short video of pics from our renovation by clicking HERE!

A lot has happened already, and we are making good progress.
This week represents a turning point, as our first round of inspections will determine if we can go ahead with sheetrock. That will really transform our building!

We still have much to do, and we are on a tight schedule–as you know. We’re taking a close look at every step to make sure we steward both our financial and time resources well.

One area that will likely save us both time and money is removing the existing flooring (tile and carpet). I’ll be inviting your help on this as soon as we can fit it into the schedule.

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Our General Contractor

If you visit the building, you’ll likely see Harry Kirchhoff. Our general contractor has over 25 years experience as a builder. In addition, he’s a Christian who understands our values and appreciates our mission. Please pray for him as he deals with the subcontractors who will perform much of the work–though he’s doing his share of labor as well!

Deep Roots, Strong Branches

Our capital campaign for Oak Hill is well underway. We have received pledges and gifts for more than $500,000–but that’s just half of our goal.

I’ve attached our CAMPAIGN BROCHURE for your review. Remember, we are after 100% participation from our families. If you haven’t yet made your pledge, you’ll be hearing from me or a member of the board soon. If you’d like to make your pledge, contact me or Greg Beadles.

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If you haven’t donated via Apogee before, the online application process is very easy and does not obligate you to give. It’s a virtually painless way to make Oak Hill accessible to more families.

If you’ve donated before, the application process is super quick!

Last year, we awarded more than $70,000 in Apogee-funded scholarships. Help us keep that total intact this year!

Pray for Oak Hill
Please pray for our faculty and staff as they begin four days of pre-planning this Thursday. Though the start of school lies a few weeks off, we’ll be laying the groundwork for a successful year together.
Also pray for families who will be starting at Oak Hill this fall. I want to see our school become a real community of learning, where we all journey together toward a “paideia of God” (Ephesians 6:4).

Grace and peace,


Read More

Renovation and Schedule Update

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In times of seemingly large obstacles, I’ve often referred to Henry V at Agincourt. Facing a much larger French army, young Henry looked at his obstacle from a different angle, deployed his English bowmen, and managed to win the day. It happens often enough in history–an obstacle turns into an opportunity.

The Obstacle

A lot has been accomplished so far at our new property at Old Fountain. Framing of all our new rooms is complete, and when I walked through yesterday, much of the rough plumbing and electrical was in place. And after our fire alarm and sprinkler work, we’ll be ready for our first round of inspections!

However, we still have a ways to go; sheetrock, flooring, painting, and another round of inspections. With that in mind, we’ve decided to modify the school calendar for this year. Our original calendar began on August 10, and while that likely won’t be possible, we’ve made every effort to preserve what days we can. We’ll plan for our first day of school to be Thursday, September 1.

A couple of details regarding days off:

  • Rather than losing long weekends entirely, we’ve attempted to retain at least a half-day on Friday and (wherever possible) the Monday.
  • With the later start, we’ve trimmed down our longest breaks on the front end. Thanksgiving Break will begin after a half-day on Wednesday; Christmas Break a half day the Friday before.
  • One “outside the box” change: We’ve moved Spring Break to Easter Break. While this doesn’t coincide with Gwinnett County’s spring break, it jibes better with our values. Rather than taking our cues from another school’s calendar, we can consider true holidays.
  • Instead of ending midweek before Memorial Day, we’ll finish out the week and end on Friday.ยท Our first-ever graduation will be that Friday night, May 26!

The Opportunity

So how is this obstacle an opportunity? First, we’re moving into our own space! The extra time will ensure that we’re able to do all we can to make the transition smooth, allowing a little more time for teachers to plan for the year in a new space. Second, summer’s just a little bit longer this year! I remember school years that ran Labor Day to Memorial Day, leaving three months of summer. These days, they’ve shrunk to just over two months. Enjoy the time.

If you have questions, please contact me. In the meantime, please pray that the rest of our renovation will go smoothly:

1) that all our subcontractors will be able to work quickly and safely, and price their work fairly;

2) that inspectors would look favorably on us;

3) that God would continue to provide for Oak Hill financially;

4) that the Lord of all would give us peace in believing that he really does care for us–in even the smallest details.

Let’s meet this opportunity with a cheerful heart and willing hands!

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